What is Worth Considering?

Steve I did a bit of considering last night and came up with this.

I think your Concept was that the letter was too long and also too familiar from someone
that has never talked to the guy…”rude”. That once again I would get rejected and not receive a reply and get the consideration that I deserve.

I think that your Convert was that I should have written a short and
sweet email ie you told me to write “Tony has a passion for smoking prevention and I have a campaign that does that.”
[not acceptable]

The Converse could have gone like this if we had of conversed. That I could have prepared more by considering how he could actually help me. Ie get a plan together and ask him for a contact in that area possibly.

What I would like you to consider…
Was my concept in writing to Tony:
Was to spring board my mind and passion back into Quitober leaving NewWok on the shelf for now.
With Quitober nearly dead and buried I had nothing to lose and possibly something to gain, inspiration!

I am now thinking I might have one last plan of attack to get Quitober going.
I try a state run campaign starting with Qld.
I have a state minister contact on the sunshine coast that I can contact and get him to help me put the
proposal to the state government and starting with Brisbane City Council.

Ie State gov will support the running of the campaign throughout the Brisbane Council and in return the Council supports
the trialing of bans for outdoor smoking.

Maybe Tony Quint has a few contacts in Qld State Gov and around Australia that I could try.

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