Can’t Disagree With Feedback

My mum reckons that I am still partly responsible for Thomas’s (my older brother) break up with Ann Marie,
his girlfriend of a few months.
Even though they got back together after the gold coast break up that both Tom and mum accused me of being responsible for.

I can’t disagree with her feedback. That is hard to be in the state of not disagreeing and
not agreeing…ouch! But I guess she is certainly helping me consider the situation and her feedback.

Can I be partly responsible for his breakup?

What is your feedback. What would be nice is if you could share your feedback but then again she probably
wouldn’t want to hear it.

Funny how she sees me partly responsible for Thomas’s life and love life, a man of 53 years of age can still blame someone else for his lot.
I guess this is really an insight into why we (or family) are so fucked up as people.

But wait I can’t disagree with her feedback and she has give no reasoning
so I can’t even disagree with that. And have no real complaints with her delivery.

This is confusing

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1 Response to Can’t Disagree With Feedback

  1. effectively all you are saying is: this is a way to no react and not just pretend you agree.

    whereas many people might do one of two things:

    1. they react angrily to the feedback they get especially if its not flattering.


    2. they pretend they agree by saying “absolutely your right” and then curse the person that gave such feedback behind their back.

    so no reacting to feedback and not just pretend to agree with feedback – is perhaps the holy grail middle ground.

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