Direct Feedback Moment (DFM)

This is a tool I am suggesting as an approach to solving what I consider a problem in conversation.

I call it a Direct Feedback Moment or DFM and I think it can be used once two people agree upon it format. DFM is a break to be applied when we take a conversation out on the highway of free expression.

What I have noticed when we hit a disagreement in a conversation one or both can start to use dogma in delivering their feedback.
i.e. “you’re wrong” or “you’re a trouble maker” or even “I disagree…because”. What started out as parallel talking of “I think this..” is now in a state of perpetual statements of fact.

But how do we put on the brakes? Well what if we agreed to call a DFM to bring the conversation back in direct feedback or parallel talking and thinking rather than spiraling out of control using dogma.

I think that is why EDB created the 6 hats to avoid this dogmatic state.
What I am proposing is to let the conversation flow but have an agreed method of dampening the discussion when we sense it.

What to look out for as a sign of dogma is when the “I think..” is getting left out and the tone of impatience of course. Calling a DFM is as simple as saying “I would like to give a DFM (Direct Feedback Moment) and at this point I can give my direct feedback starting with “I think…” or suggest that the other person give me a DFM.
They then have the choice of closing the conversation with “your feedback is worth considering” or restating their dogmatic statement starting with “I think….” Then I have the option of continuing the conversation or closing it with “your feedback is worth considering”

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