Is Life is an Experiment?

I was speaking with a couple the other night and I told them that I had only had the one relationship in my life and that one was based on an agreement that it would serve as an experiment for testing my theories on relationships and total honesty.

He rhetorically questioned my idea of having an experimental relationship, stating that none of his were experimental, his grilfriend defended me and claimed her’s were experimental and how else do we learn.

So, what does it mean when he says none of his relationships were experimental and his grilfriend says that here’s were (I presume her present one with him also)? I think that he is the guinea pig and the women he has been with have been the experimeters. I think this is especially so with their present relationship.

I would have liked to be a fly on the wall to hear how they resolved this difference as I think an idea like this is a deal breaker. I think it is better that both people have actively agreed that their relationship is an experiment rather than only one being the experimenter and the other being the guinea pig. I still believe that a relationship and life generally is an experiment, what do you think?

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