Workaround Innovation

I just realised (again) that one of the most important pieces of thinking is the workaround.
Useful in design, business processes, personal issues and behavioural problems, for as
soon as you come up with a workaround the pressure is eased, the fear of failure reduced
and frees up our thinking even, so that we can start on even a better workaround.

When I was deciding to go to design school my brother took me to see his friend’s
port folio and I was impressed, with the work and my brother’s methods.
But I asked him what happens if I don’t come up with the answer or design.
What I have learned since is that there is no “the answer or the design solution”,
that all good design and processes are just a better workaround.

Here is an interesting read on workaround innovation in business

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2 Responses to Workaround Innovation

  1. You have a knack of finding applicable photos, that tree is a good example.

    I just had a chat with my younger son about a very similar subject.

    At the beginning he reckoned expectations were ok – provided he was responsible if his expectations weren’t met. Which is fair enough – though I by thinking expectations are ok in the first place – he reduces his chances of coming up with a workaround. (coz people sense our expectations and become defensive, me included)

    I told him that if I am able to reduce my expectations of Plan A happening exactly the way I imagined it, that seems to free my mind (give perspective – but that that I am very good at it) to have a more open conversation and increases my chances of coming up with a plan B, or C or D if needed (aka contingency planning).

    This sort of thinking is particular important to startups too – given the needs to read the feedback from metrics and customers and pivot (as described in Lean Startup) which in effect is a workaround strategy

  2. Saying that expectations are okay if I am responsible, I reckon, is like an alcoholic
    saying the same about drinking or a smoker with a cigarette. Ultimately it costs us all (money, time and health) to drink, smoke or to have expectations of others.

    I simply prefer rethinkable agreements as my favorite workaround.

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