Trouble Makers

Imagine if we had the answer to this question:

“How do we exactly convert our own problems into solutions?”

We could more easily convert any and every problem that we think we have into the solution.

Is it possible that that is one of the reasons for conversation. To help convert our own problems, into our own solutions from other peoples input or feedback?

Then why do we seem to do the opposite sometimes? That is, try to convert other peoples input into problems and then call them trouble makers?

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3 Responses to Trouble Makers

  1. GoofyFoot says:

    yeah a friend of mine told me about a situation he’d gotten himself into with women over the years and is still ongoing. Seemed he wanted to get help to convert his (self made) problems into possible solutions.

    • Why is it that generally the only feedback or input I receive on these posts is you Steve?
      I guess everyone else is not aware of the value of contributing versus the risk. And their lack of contribution sort of proves this theory.

      What… did the women not want to help him with the solution.
      Funny I am a classic example of my theory now, no problem that I need anyone to help me to find the solution.

      Mind you a bit of sex would not go a stray. But then again if I have the money I can get the honey but I want more than honey.

  2. I am proud to have been accused a “trouble maker”!

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