I am Over Thinking


Sometimes I am over thinking and sometimes I am not thinking enough or under thinking but one thing, I think I can guarantee, is that I will not be thinking perfectly.

I know that this is going to sound the most obvious thing in the world but for some reason I think that we have forgotten this at the moment of our decision making.

No system is perfect. “There is a crack in everything…”, as Leonard Cohen says in his song,
“That’s how the light gets in.”
Nothing that we think, do, hear or say can be perfect, (even this).
We can only make decisions incrementally, by a series of over and under choices.
The more imperfect choices that we make the closer we get to perfect.

So don’t be surprised when we make them. Make as many as we can. And smaller is probably better than big ones in the scheme of this crazy, imperfect universe.

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