The 3rd Level of Thinking

Simple_thinking_pendulum_modelIn my view there are three levels of thinking, your level, my level and the just right, actual or perfect level of thinking.

So I may think your level of thinking on a subject is under thinking and you might think my level of thinking on the subject is over thinking and then there is the possibility of one or even both of us thinking just right or perfectly on that subject.

Why is this important? Because if there is this third level of thinking then it is possible that just because we may think the other’s level is wrong, we too could be wrong in our level of thinking. This can then allow us to appreciate the others thinking level or view more rather than simply considering them as as wrong and ourselves as right. Pendulum_30deg

Now some of you may say that all thinking levels are relative and that there is no possibility of the perfect level of thinking. Well here is the clincher to this idea. If I were to swing a pendulum at some point it will cross over the perfect point of balance. Just because we will possibly never be able to identify this exact point that does not mean that it does not exist. The same is true with levels of thinking in my view. If I approach a subject and start by under thinking it and then cross to over thinking it, then I must have crossed this perfect point of level of thinking and for the briefest of nano seconds been in a state of perfection in level of thinking.

This point is the 3rd level of thinking, in my view (IMV).

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