I think I now know why I so hate the use of words like absolutely.

When people use “I totally understand”, “exactly”, “you are absolutely right”, “perfect”, etc they are overly agreeing and then, when they are not really in agreement they just stay silent or say “yes” or “okay”, with very little outward sign of the negative or non agreement.

It is a bit like it is a scale that is out of whack.

So when someone says that they “very much agree” their opposite to this state is more like “just agree”, with rarely
a disagree in sight, until their overly agreeing catches up with them down the track and then, you guessed it, WHAM! they overly disagree with dangerous consequences for all participants.

I mean, what is wrong with a simple “Yes, I agree” or “No, I disagree”?
Why do we need to add the bells and whistles to our affirmatives?

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