Bathing in Biases

You know, it seems to me that we might not be quite aware of it, but we all could be bathing in our own and everyone else’s biases and not even realize it.

My guess is that we have this intricate process of decision making that is related to using our own biases and the biases of others so that we, somehow make decisions that take us to where we want to get to (some get there quicker and easier than others).

“What biases”, you may ask? Well just take a look on Wikipedia – Cognitive Biases and you might just get a surprise. There are about 200 listed and who knows how many we still do not know of or recognize?

So it seems that we were designed to be a social being and to share, through conversation, our own biases and balance them off with other peoples biases. If this is the case then what can we learn about the decision making process? It is complex!

In my view we need to decipher each other’s biases and make sure we understand who is trying to “sell” us what and why, before or while trying to process their information and ultimately make our “own” decision.

For example, say someone is telling us of the virtues of an oil extract, made from snakes. They say, that it helps our skin stay young looking, but they also happen to be selling bottles of them. The listener should be aware of that possibility and seek out this information. It is not up to the speaker to disclose, it is “buyer beware”, as they say.

I think that it is time that all of us, as listeners, smarten up, and take more responsibility for what we hear, one speaker at a time, in this ocean of biases.

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