Respect in a Nutshell

Respect is not an easy word to define as a behavior but here is my attempt:

I think respect is made up of a two parts, Content and Delivery.
ie. What we say and how we say it.

Neither are usually done perfectly and for me,
Content is broken up into two parts:
Reasoning and Evidence.

Delivery is also broken into two parts
Volume and Tone.

We end up with respect being:
Reasoning, Evidence – Volume, Tone

So, all we have to do is agree with this definition for now and anytime we hear a statement or question with a volume, tone or reasoning, evidence that we do not find acceptable, we can simply thank them for their contribution and ask them in a “respectful way” (using acceptable reasoning, evidence and volume, tone) for either better content or delivery or both.

And voilà, we now have an agreement for Respect in a Nutshell.

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