Finding Fairness


When one thinks about it our whole society is set up to find fairness.
Politics, work place relations, race relations, marriage counselling, laws, religion, philosophy, all in the search of finding fairness between us.

How close we come to finding fairness is once again debatable but that is ok as it is all a part of finding it.

For 30 years now, I have been working on this idea of finding fairness and feel I am making some progress but probably a life time journey to get even closer.

So why is it so hard to find? Can we find it? And is it worth the effort?
The answers can only be my opinion (which is part of the problem/solution) but we all seem to suffer from bias of some degree, with some suffering it more than others. And the problem with bias is that the more we have the less we can see that we have it.

Yes, it appears to be a recipe for disaster and could explain why we have had such terrible wars and conflicts in the past. It also could explain why marriages in the western world are lasting less than 10 years on average. In these cases, fairness seems to have gone out the window.

I think it is irrelevant if we can find absolute fairness or not, what we can do, I believe, is find a better fairness or reduce unfairness. We can get closer and therefore improve the lives of each other, and besides it gives us something to think and talk about.

So yes, I think finding fairness is worth the effort and I think has made my life more meaningful and ultimately more enjoyable.

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