Problem Solved!

I reckon a relationship (personal, in this case but could apply to business also) is not so much about having fun together but is more for seeing how well we would go about solving problems together.

Imagine, I personally solve a couple of thousand problems a day only don’t realize it. From putting on my shoes to feeding myself to keeping a roof over my head etc. Each decision I make is effectively a problem I am solving.
With two people there are twice as many problems to solve but a lot of them overlap. But also a whole lot of new problems rear their ugly head, especially disputes and with them comes anger. 

We can also help each other solve our own problems and any new ones and measure it. Technically the sum of our two parts should be greater than the individuals. 

But add a child or two and then we are really talking PROBLEMS.

Seeing how well we solve our own problems together first, in a relationship, is an ideal way to see how well we are likely to be able to solve the real problems of bringing up children, in my view.

I think we are extremely intricate problem solving animals. I think also that being aware of this process should make our choosing in the mating cycle a lot easier.
Problem solved!


In summation, if a relationship is more about solving problems together but then the biggest and most difficult problem that a relationship brings with it are disputes and ANGER, then maybe the first problem that needs to be solved together is ANGER and how we resolve disputes.

Here is my first draft for my Anger Proposal that I would like to make with someone that I want to form a relationship or partnership with (business or personal).

“If I get angry, then I will offer an acceptable apology to you for my anger”

That does not include me blaming my anger on anyone or anything, only my lack of preparation for my expectations.

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